Render Cleaning

A freshly rendered building looks great and modern. More and more houses are built with external wall render making the building and neighbourhood look affluent and smart. Render is often sold as being maintenance free and self-cleaning. In reality, within years, render becomes stained with algae and other biological growth. This biological growth makes the render look old and dirty, tarnishing the image of the property and surrounding neighbourhood.

RendClean specialise in cleaning external building render of all types. Removing the green, red and black stains from algae and other organic matter, without the need for damaging high pressure washing. We use several cleaning methods to ensure a thorough clean without damage to the render that pressure washing commonly leaves. With this thorough cleaning, very expensive repainting of render is not needed, as it returns the render to a new like state.

We take on projects large and small, from multiple blocks of flats to domestic properties.

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We are an environmentally conscious company and do what we can to minimise waste. We try and limit the use of chemicals to protect the environment. 

RendClean Case Studies

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