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We provide professional and extremely competitive render, stone and brick cleaning services nationwide

RendClean is a residential and commercial property, exterior cleaning company. We specialise in cleaning external building render. Removing the green, red and black stains from algae and other organic matter, without the need for damaging high pressure washing. We bring the building back to its original bright, clean and new like condition, without the need for repainting. We also offer cleaning services for patios, stone, wood and brick, removing biological growth to return it to a new like condition. We use several cleaning methods to ensure the surfaces you require cleaning are as clean as possible, including a state of the art, chemical free, super-heated water system.  

We cover most of the UK and deal with all manner of properties from private houses of all descriptions to offices and schools. We work closely with block managing agents, surveyors, local councils and homeowners. We help them to ensure that their building exteriors remain looking smart, clean and in good condition. This can increase the property price, give a better impression of businesses and generally make it look a lot better on the eye.

We have an excellent track record in providing a reliable, effective and efficient service for our many loyal customers. Our customers come back to us time after time due to the service we provide. They feel safe in the knowledge that they’ll receive an expert, friendly and reliable service. We keep their homes clean and looking their best. We pride ourselves on our standard of work to achieve great results, approachable friendly nature and sheer hard-working attitude.

When you are looking for a company to clean your building, look no further than RendClean. We have an excellent reputation and are able to provide a range of testimonials from our many satisfied customers. We can provide you with full information on our services can benefit you and your property.

We are always happy to help, and you can email us or call for a free, detailed and highly competitive quotation on your property.

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We are an environmentally conscious company and do what we can to minimise waste. We try and limit the use of chemicals to protect the environment.